Can fibromyalgia and arthritis flare at the same time?

Question by rosey4412000: Can fibromyalgia and arthritis flare at the same time?
I have both fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis all over; the past few days, I’ve hurt all over and some of my arthritis joints are talking to me. Can they both be flaring at once? I am taking something that I can take more than once a day.

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Answer by Skeptic
It is very possible that those conditions can flare at the same time. My mom, my sister and myself have arthritis also, pain in the joins including finger joins, toe joins and knee. We all take what is called “Move Free” (sold at CVS or Walmart) triple strength with vit. D or without vit. D. This helps us tremendously. I know other people who has fibroyalgia, they take Lyrica for pain. Another suggestion is to take Omega fish oil. It will help your joins too. Good luck!|193636900|0

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