Why did the FDA take Darvocet off the market?

Question by : Why did the FDA take Darvocet off the market?
Okay, so this drug helps millions of people with pain after surgeries, people with fibromyalgia, people with migraines, people with broken toes, and people with horrible menstrual cramps. Every medication has side effects, so if they’re going to take this off the market, why don’t they take the rest of them off? I want to know: what are the real risks associated with this drug that make it so horrible?

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According to an analysis prepared by the FDA for the hearing, more than 3,000 serious reports of Darvon and Darvocet problems were identified, with most involving suicides, addiction and overdoses. In addition, the agency indicated that with Darvocet, the Darvon component provides little to no more pain relief than taking acetaminophen alone.

The FDA advisory panel voted 14 t0 12 to recommend a recall of Darvocet and Darvon, as the benefits did not outweigh the risks

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